Best Running Trainers



Only the Best Running Trainers. This is the ultimate and definitive guide to the best running trainers on the market today. Improve your performance with the right trainers today!The battle for supremacy in the running trainer segment has been raging for over three decades and its never been more fierce that it is today.

Nike and adidas Trainers

The biggest sportswear players namely Nike & adidas are developing cushioning technology with impressive energy returns systems that make us run further, faster and enable us to smash PB's left, right and centre.

Athletes Thoughts on Running Shoes

All these positive experiences we have has part-time athletes boost our health, our endorphins and our motivation to never stop running and that why it's important you wear a running trainers that suits your style.

Key considerations should be...

How far and How Frequent You Run?

Your Running Environment?

Think About Your Terrain?

Are you Racing or Training?

Running Shoes Shortlist

Before we get into the shortlist, its worth knowing that this article is focused on outdoor running environments, so its your more of a treadmill slash gym user you might want to checkout our editorial on the Best Mens Gym Trainers. We also discuss the best trainers for those that pronate.


Urban running is full of challenges and frustations as you have to navigate people, vehicles and various hazards from one to the next so it super important you maintain high levels of concentration but also have the right trainers for the run ahead.

These are our tops picks as the best trainers for urban runners.


Not only do you need to train your brain to get through those difficult runs, but you also have to reassure your feet that they will enjoy the comfort and recover in time for your next long distance session.
We know that routines are an essential component in a runners world, so ensuring a running trainers offers stability, comfort and durability is a pre-requist.

Lets get into the best distance running trainers...


Some people have a naturally faster pace, and because of that like to challenge their PB's with each and every run. You will recognise this type of runner in your club or neighbour as they seek to trim every second they can with enhancements to their diet, strength, kits and especially the new wave of light and aerodynamic running trainer available.

All these small percentages accumulate to a faster time right?


Prefer mud, rocks and slippery downhill slopes instead of the clean, smooth and comfortable ride of the track?
We certainly agree that you need a particular mindset for track running, it can be incredibly challenging mentally due to the repetition, and let's be real, trail running is far more exciting and adrenaline filled.

Let's round up the best trail running shoes right now.