A Special Release For You Collectors Out There! - Foamposite 'Fleece'

This Foamposite truly is a special drop and any sneaker fiend knows this. I always mention this little fact but I just can't get over that someone actually listed their car in a trade deal (Including a full tank of Gas!) for a pair of Galaxy Foams, it just shows how highly regarded these are in the sneaker culture. And this release we have today is no different.

This 'Fleece' rendition sees the aesthetic drift away from the court scene and the whole sports shoe vibe as the upper doesn't feature the usual Carbon panelling and instead goes for a clean lifestyle approach, which adds whole new flare to the Foams, with a very on-trend Dark Heather fleece mixed with Black accents. This is genuinely one of the cleanest releases I have seen in this style for a long time. I feel like I could happily wear these on the street as Nike have absolutely hit the nail on the head with the execution.

Finding a perfect blend of colours and materials that merge into one another and provide spectacular ergonomics and aesthetics. From the icy translucent sole to the subtle white mini swoosh that furnishes the toe box, they are like a piece of art that has taken time to craft with precision and dedication which are made to last with extremely strong stitching and holding materials. Even the mould originally cost $750,000, so it is easy to see why Foamposites have this dedicated following as these true sneakerheads see why they are so special and unique.

Even if you're new to the sneaker scene or just appreciate the design then this is a serious cop to begin your collection with.