A Personal Insight To Remi Rough

Remi Rough at Soleheaven featuring Nike Air Woven

With the release of the new Nike Air Woven coming this May we are ready to give you more of an insight into our collaborated Air Woven project with London based artist Remi Rough on a personal level. Here's just a small take away from the vast convocation when had with Remi while he was producing both our limited edition print and one of a kind mural here in Newcastle, for us to grasp a stronger understanding on how his work has formed his career and inspirations he uses and has used along the way. 


How do you think growing up in South East London influenced your art style?

"Growing up in South East London gave me a good understanding of how to navigate city life. London was a pretty rough place in the 80’s so it made you stronger and much more able to traverse the problems and hurdles that life in urban space throws at you sometimes. The constantly changing architectural landscape was a constant flow of inspiration for me… I live in walking distance of the Shard and the city, so I have numerous."


What are the inspirations behind your work?

"Initial the shift from graffiti writing and letters to the abstraction was fuelled by the more forward thinking artists of my genre but as I grew up both mentally and physically I re-educated myself in the history of art and discovered the constructivists, suprematism and the De Stijl movement. These movements changed the face of modern art in so many ways and I feel there’s still so much more to do."


Do you take inspiration from any other artists in particular?

"De Stijl, The Vorticists, Mondrian, Franz Kline, Kasimir Malevich, Futura, Dondi, Van Doesburg, Zaha Hadid, Joker Transcend, Steve More, Chrome Angels, London Giants, Frank Gehry, Frank Stella, Bill Blast, John Fekner, Lokiss, Skki, Jay One and Juice 126."


Which musical artist are you enjoying listening to momentarily?

"Sweet Shop Boys, an amazing band featuring Riz Ahmed and Heems. It’s my absolute go to album at the moment. I’ve also been loving the Kelly Lee Owens album, it’s beautiful music."


Does music influence your work in any way?

"Always… I listen to music whilst I work all the time. It changes depending on the mood of course, sometimes it’s beats, sometimes jazz or occasionally some marginally heavy rock like Soundgarden or Black Keys. I remember listening constantly to Thom Yorke’s Eraser album in my studio last year… It all depends on how the days looking to me as to what I listen to."


If you could choose any building in the world to do a piece or artwork on what would it be?

"The Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. Or the Shard maybe, just one side! Maybe the side that faces Guy’s hospital as thats where I was born."


How do you see the future of street art evolving?

"I’m no psychic but I imagine the digital world is going to start playing bigger and better parts in the world of public and street art. I think the more forward thinking artists are going to start using more interesting ways of disseminating their work, kind of like Saber did when he used planes to leave smoke messages in the sky or the way Some artists paint animated gifs so the digital world can instantly connect and get it. I think there’s so much opportunity and scope in that world, it just needs to be tapped into."

Remi Rough at Soleheaven featuring Nike Air Woven

Remi Rough at Soleheaven featuring Nike Air Woven

Remi Rough at Soleheaven featuring Nike Air Woven

Remi Rough at Soleheaven featuring Nike Air Woven