40's & Shorties arrive at Soleheaven

40’s and Shorties.

40's & Shorties arrive at Soleheaven

At Soleheaven HQ, we’re all huge players in the sock game. We are firm believers that a strong pair of socks can complete an outfit and seal the deal on your style. Whether your after a fresh pair  to compliment your sneakers or contrast your new beanie, our latest sock collection from ’40’s and Shorties’ is guaranteed to impress. The New York born, hip-hop lifestyle inspired brand was born in 2013, and since then, has grabbed global attention from rap superstars like Mac Miller, and international skateboarding brands. Designs range from ‘Dancing’ ladies, to straight 40’s to dolla dolla bills. We’ve never seen a sock brand so committed to add subtle comedy elements into each pair they design.

We’ve spent the afternoon pairing up some sick sneaker and sock combinations from the collection.

First up, we’ve linked the ‘Peyote’ 4&S sock with the ‘Penny II’ in the ‘HOME’ colourway. Due to the supportive thickness of a pair of 4&S, they make ideal socks to be worn when playing ball, ideally, in a pair of the court-ready Penny II’s.

Penny II 'Home' And 'Peyote' sock available online.

('HOME' Penny II / 'Peyote' sock

Next up is a combination of the 'Shoebox' 4&S with the Huarache 'Action Green'. This combo is the one. The complimentary tones between the green dolla bills and the green huarache accents is to die for. Damn son. 

'Action Green' Huarache and 'Money Box' sock available now.

('Action Green' Huarache / 'Money box' sock

Here, we've paired the street-ready grey nylon Cortez with the OG '40s' 4&S sock, in red. What a combination! Remember to wear shorts to really show off them fire socks. 

Wolf Grey Cortez and 40 Sock available NOW

('Wolf Grey' Cortez / 40's sock in red

Our final sock game link up features the 'Sport Lo' sock, perfectly paired with the ultra breathable Air Max 90 Ultra BR in Navy. The Sport Lo is a play on old school Ralph Lauren designs, and we love it. 

Navy BR Air Max 90 and Sport Lo available NOW

(Air Max 90 Ultra BR / Sport Lo 40's & Shorties sock)

Our full 40s and Shorties collection is available on SOLEHEAVEN.COM NOW.


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