"I am a sneakerhead" - Interview with our assistant manager Simon.

Siman32 Interview

Recently, our assistant manager Simon was approached by the good people over at Epsilon Magazine to discuss his passion for everything sneakers and the culture around it. The discussion is an insightful read, and a glimpse into the lifestyle of a key player in the Soleheaven brand.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

My Name's Simon, I was born and raised in London but I now live up in the North East of England. You can mainly find me in and around Newcastle.

How did you get into sneakers?

It's a weird one because I didn't really start off my sneaker addiction until my late teens, a lot of guys I speak to who are into kicks have deep stories about noticing them at a young age, and have influences from parents or older siblings. I used to be big into skateboard culture, so all I ever really rocked was vans authentics and slip ons. A few of my friends started wearing a lot of Js and Air Max, and that was what got me into sneakers.

For how long have you had a passion for sneakers?

I bought my first pair of sneakers with my own money when I was 18, they were a pair of Hyperfuse Air Max 90s and I beat them into the ground. That was the first real step I took, but even then it took a few years for me to fully start collecting the way I do now. Once I started University and got my student loans most of that went on new kicks. I'm pretty fresh faced to the sneaker scene compared to some other people I know, but I'm pretty happy with my modest collection of 60 - 70 pairs.

What do you enjoy about sneaker culture?

It's hard to put a pin on why I'm into kicks, I guess it's just hardwired into my brain haha. I just like the versatility of footwear, the materials you can use, the constant evolution of technologies and how some models can still look fresh today despite being over 20 years old.

The community aspect plays a big part too, it's great to go to places like crepe city and meet and talk to so many like minded people. A lot of my friends couldn't tell you the difference between an Air Max and Gel Lyte so it's a nice change of pace. 

Which pair of sneakers you own do you hold closest to your heart?

It would be unfair for me to put my money down all on one particular model because I like to wear a lot of different brands, but I could probably pick a top three.

From Nike I recently managed to get my hands on a Pair of Air Max 90 Current Huarache DQMs, probably the best silhouette from them to date, the shape is just crack and the bacon colourway just makes them that bit special.

Asics has to be the Packer Dirty Buck GL3, classic colour way on a traditional retro runner what's not to love about this pair? The materials are fantastic, and the hype around this shoe is completely justified.

The first pair I ever queued for was the Shadow 5000 burger, I didn't even like the pair when I first saw them but I went and got them anyway. Over time they have grown on me, the colour way is nuts and the construction & materials from Saucony just can't be beat.

Simon has been with the team at Soleheaven HQ for almost a year now, and he always strives to bring fresh ideas and a positive attitude to our store. Simon specialises in runners, and currently has his eyes on the 'Action Green' Huarache, down to the sneaker having a fresh, OG vibe to it. 

Keep one eye on our blog over the summer to find more content about team Soleheaven, including style grids, interviews and more. 

Siman32 Interview

Siman32 Interview

Siman32 Interview

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