Music For the Sole! Four Tet - Two Thousand and Seventeen / Planet

British dance music's most consistent purveyor of eclectic groves has blessed us with a double release of singles over two months. Releases 'two thousand and seventeen' & planets find Four Tet on his best form, with an ear for an odd sample here and there. 

The first release, Two Thousand and Seventeen, is an impressive return to the down tempo side of production that Four Tet favoured early on his career, with a borderline chill hop vibe resonating through out. A beautiful mandolin melody takes the precedent  in this track, allowing the sub bass and slow rhythm to move and sway the track. An effortlessly emotive track, inline with your typical master-stroke from the renown producer.

It's a credit to the genre spanning career that Four tet has had with his ability to chop and change via release, case 1 being new single 'Planet'.

Planet has the signature Four Tet progression. A moody house number littered with signatures of Four Tet, with sounds that feel crafted live rather than worked adapt as a electronic production. It's a return to the form that saw him championed in the UK underground scene, displaying his unparalleled ability to craft a seamless electronic piece out of minimal features.

With an album to come in 2017, it's hard not to see there be much fan fair, especially after the return to form in aforementioned singles.

Soleheaven Junior Goes Back To School


A month in to it's infancy, and we're proud to present to you the first editorial aimed at all the Juniors, Kids and Infants making their way back to school, academy or nursery at the end of the month. There's something for all the family in here, with 3 distinct categories broken down in to specialist features. 'School uniform staples' , 'lunch time activities' and the 'after school special'. To pair with this, we're running a back to school promo in conjunction, with 25% off all of our kids wear with code 'FIRSTDAY'.



With strict uniform policies ruling the school, it's imperative to get a blacked out, comfy and clean shoe that will last the year. We'll tried to represent the playful vibe of our juniors, with the contrast of the blocked, minimal uniforms. Listed here we have the Nike Air Huarache, Nike Air Dualtone and the Nike Air Force 1. On top of these, we have a great selection of Nike Free RN, Air Max Vision and 90s and Air Jordan Formula 23s, perfect for your juniors first day back in the classroom.



Lunch time! An escape from the monotony of lessons. For us at Soleheaven Junior, lunch time is activity time. Football, Tennis, Basketball, to even just running around the playground at breakneck speed, we've got you covered with a selection of the best active wear for kids on the market. From an extensive range of Jordan Brand's finest retro through to 2017 models, as well as Nike's pinnacle of running in it's a Free RN 2017, and even the Air Max of the year, the Air Max 2017. Just remind your Junior to get a healthy balanced lunch in first before tearing up the playground.



An after school special for the little Juniors after all their hard work, snacks and activities galore. Through the celebrities, sports stars and musicians our kids look up to, our juniors live out their dreams and aspirations after school. Plus what better way to express themselves than a statement pair of kicks. With an extensive collection of brightly coloured Air Max, and Huarache, it'll be hard not to find a pair to represent.

Find all the shoes above and much more here now, with an extra 25% off!

This Triple Threat From Vans Makes For A Killer Combo

Vans have always produced staple sneakers that are perfect for everyday wear such as the Old Skool and Sk8 Hi's. But none have stood the test of time as well as the Authentic, formally known as the #44, first released in 1966. They are one of the sneakers that have lasted the decades in emphatic style. Matching the likes of Converse All Stars & Nike Cortez. 

So with that being said, I would like to introduce the latest from Vans. In three distinguishable tonal colourways Dress Blue, Port Royale & Black. The standout part of these renderings is the clean Gum midsole. Now if you know me, I am a huge sucker for this look, so when they arrived in store today I was instantly sold. It's just a minimal and niche style that stands out and makes its mark.

With a simple layout and construction, the Authentic is a sleek low top that boasts an effortless style. The beauty of them is that when they do receive an update or a twist that becomes the focal point and creates a truly unique appeal. The entire design has been thoroughly considered with tonal stitching creating a slick look. Subtle touches of Gum also feature on the Vans branding which emphasises the colour and creates a refined style.

My favourite of the three is the Black colourway. Just for how clean it comes off and the fact that I could put them on with any of my typical outfits and they would work. So it reduces the hassle and means I get the optimum wear out of them. I think all are viable options but for my preference, I like to get my wear out of them.

Music For the Sole! All Caps When You Spell the Man's Name

DOOM. A man of few words, but many quotables. A man who for over 20 years has been raps resident supervillain, known and respected the world round for his lyrical ability and beat making. As it's been recently announced that DOOM will be making a solo album return through American TV network Adult Swim, we thought we'd create a homage playlist to the multiple projects, collaborations and alter egos of Metal Face. Just remember, all caps when you spell the man's name!

What Better Way To Treat Yourself Than With A Premium Pair Of Air Max...Or Two

Today's talking point is two Premium pairs of Air Max that have recently made their way into our store. The Air Max 90 & 95 are one of the most iconic silhouettes in the world, thanks to their timeless style and innovative flair, they are truly standout pieces that are a must have for any epic sneaker collection.

The Nubuck on the 95 provides a smooth, minimal aesthetic which has been paired with a plush suede that is a lighter tone of Grey to create some depth to the sneaker. It is a clever formation that entitles the 95's to be dubbed Premium. Whether you are rocking down the streets of Newcastle on a daily basis or anywhere for that matter, you know these creps can step up to any challenge they face thanks to their renowned durable qualities that makes them such a go to sneaker for a mass proportion of the U.K.

If you are a maximalist then these probably aren't going to be making your senses tingle, but if you prefer to keep it clean and have a pair of kicks that can just slide into your rotation with ease. With a muted tonal colour scheme thanks to the crisp Cobblestone matched with a complementing white midsole for that summer pop.

The Air Max 90 has always offered a sleek profile and this rendering is taking that to the next level thanks to its smooth appearance, with buttery leathers and suedes building the construction. Canvas breaks up parts of the upper to provide a long lasting and strong sneaker that can beat all elements, so despite them being a premium sneaker, don't worry about being a little clumsy and tip toeing around, they can take it.

Which pair are you leaning towards? I think in this instance I would go with the 95's despite me being an avid fan of the 90's. Purely because of the depth to them, they show different hues of Grey which intrigues me and they fit nicely with most of my outfits which is crucial.

Music For the Sole! Now That's What I Call Soleheaven! Vol.2

We're back again with little summary of the office music as of late, from Hip/Hop, to Grime, to Downtempo Dance and New Wave Indie, we've got a little something for everyone. Enjoy, share, and discuss around the office water cooler.

Music For the Sole! Arcade Fire - Everything Now

As readers of the blog will know, we've been waiting for the 5th album from the Canadian outfit since 2016, featuring the potential project as an album we wanted to see in 2017. Luckily we have been treated with the groups newest release, Everything Now, or what happens when an album doesn't live up to Expectations. 7 years removed from their unexpected Grammy stint, and Arcade Fire one of the biggest pop rock bands in the world, so why is it a surprise when they release a great pop rock album? 
Everything now isn't an ambitious venture. The world music cum disco of Reflektor finds some similarities here, and there are numerous moments in the album taking cues from prior releases. An instant familiarity with the tracks is presented, yet the band's fan base is torn on the opinion of it. Reviewers from across publications have either loved it or hated it. Neither in our opinion is a correct analysis.
Everything Now is a good album. It's not as good as other Arcade Fire albums, but compared to their contemporaries in the pop/rock area, the tracks are vibrant, colourful and interesting. But because of the narrative of change and the constant shadow of a back catalogue, the album is trashed for its lack of ambition. 
Singles like Electric Blue, Creature Comfort, Signs of Life and the titular track, Everything Now is great recorded tracks, as well as being featured heavily in their promotional tour pre the album. I doubt many fans weren't a fan after a first listen. I can attest to this having seen the band headline a recent festival. The songs are instant live hits
A major issue comes in some of the other songs on the album. Namely 'Peter Pan' and 'Chemistry'. The unfortunate one two punch just so happen to have irked a fan Base, with fans declaring Peter pan the worst arcade fire song ever, until they'd made it through to the next song. Both are a departure of the typical 'Arcade Fire sound' easy album filler to Segway the album. Look past the fact that the album isn't 'The Suburbs 2' and you'll feel the ambition to evolve in the band. It should come as no surprise that the band would use Caribbean musical styles, they've been doing it since their first album. Neither these songs are bad.
All in all the album is good, not great. What's your opinion?

Join Us And Le Coq Sportif On A Wonderful Trip To The Alps

We at Soleheaven love a release that has a powerful meaning and inspiration behind them, it gives the sneakers a bit of character and it always feels good when someone asks you about what you are wearing and you can give them a genuine reason as to why they are designed that way, plus it makes you sound like you know your stuff so there are some extra kudos for you.

Le Coq Sportif is a renowned French brand through and through that shows rich heritage and pride in every collection they make. Especially with their iconic Rooster or Coq emblem, which is a symbol of the French Revolution and is prevalent in French history. This pack is inspired by the French Alps and the atmosphere that filled the area in the 70's with the old mountaineering boots.

This pack consists of two standout silhouettes, the 'Icons' which is a low top that is inspired by the Noah Comp low & the iconic 'Arthur Ashe' which is subsequently a Mid, both are inspired by the French Alps and the vibes that filled the area in the 70's, especially in relation with the old mountaineering boots that hikers would wear, with the vibrant red flecked rope laces, the D-lacing system and the marshmallow white leather, they have delved deeply into the aesthetic of the sneaker to emulate an outdoor style on a court sneaker.

The colour scheme provides a perfect option for the summer with a clean white upper, that has a spritely splash of colour on the lacing and is finished with a gum sole that contains white flecks. The sneakers themselves have a very sleek look to them with embossed branding and an all white appearance.

Releasing 00:01 am BST 01/08/17 in limited numbers so make sure you don't miss these stand out models.


Today We Will Be Teaching You About The History Of Flight

Once considered to just be a sample which means there were very minute chances of picking up a pair of these J's, but that is all about to change as the History Of Flight is making its way into Soleheaven. What makes this release so exciting and sought after is the fact that all other Retro models from the History Of Flight series haven't been available for the public to buy, so this is a monumental moment that could be the beginning of something epic.

Mixes of tumbled, smooth and quilted leather create a truly premium sneaker and have been blended perfectly together to a high standard. The White sneaker is the perfect canvas to create sumptuous pops of contrasting University Red on the sock liner and outsole which makes you feel like you're walking on the red carpet 24/7.

The 13 has always been one of the fan favourites since they first released, they feature unique details such as the panther inspired holographic jewel branding which boldly contrasts in green creating a stark contrast and something that brings an animalistic instinct to the J's. Even the outsole replicates that of a Panther's footprint with the paw pads, this was done because Michael Jordan was nicknamed 'Black Panther' by Tinker Hatfield and Jordan's friend so they want to make the 13's hold a lot of characteristics of Michael and give the fans something a little more personal.

Releasing tomorrow at 08:00 am BST (29/07/17) in very limited numbers to make sure you get your hands on these exclusive kicks and what makes it even better is that you can kit your whole family out as there are GS sizes.

Air Jordan 13 Retro 'History Of Flight' 414571-103

Air Jordan 13 Retro GS 'History Of Flight' 414574-103


Geology Rocks, Well Now It Does Anyways...

Nike Air Presto & Sock Dart Premium available to Buy at Soleheaven

If you have ever been interested in the way the world is formed (I studied Geology in College and loved it). Finding out about Glacier formations, Volcanic structures like Pahoehoe and many other fascinating parts of the world that are the way they are because of different Geological factors. If you were a bit of an outdoor geek like me then you will know what Hematite is, but for those of you that don't, Hematite is a mineral formation from Iron Oxide that can form in different locations like near Volcanic Activity or in the ocean, weirdly it is harder than pure iron, but much more brittle meaning it can snap easily.

It has a very distinct metallic colour that varies from black to steel or silver-gray, brown to reddish brown, or red. But typically in North America is has a steel appearance, which has given Nike the influence to brandish the street ready Presto & Sock Dart with a beautiful Hematite makeover that adorns the accents on each sneaker. The good thing about this pack is that despite the standout metallic accents, the Black base colour provides a wearable option that has that special edge to them and luckily it doesn't have a cheap plastic effect and genuinely looks like actual Hematite.

The Sock Dart has the Metallic Hematite cover the strap that stretches across the sneaker and complements the black base, where the Presto features the mineral across the caging and wraps around the heel. 

Both models are primed and ready for the Summer with both pairs having foot hugging neoprene uppers that stretch to your feet with essential breathable qualities, the outsoles on both provide flexible, natural stepping motion, which I think we can all agree on, is very needed when you are walking around all day long in the blistering heat.

Whichever silhouette is taking your fancy you will be treating your feet to a supreme piece to add a rich element to your sneaker collection.

Releasing Friday 28/07/17 at 08:00 am BST so make sure to keep yourself updated on our Social Media page to guarantee yourself a pair.


Nike Sock Dart Premium 'Metallic Hematite' Available at 08:00 am 28/07/17

Nike Air Presto Premium 'Metallic Hematite' Available at 08:00 am 28/07/17

Nike Sock Dart Premium Metallic Hematite available to buy at Soleheaven

Nike Sock Dart Premium Metallic Hematite available to buy at Soleheaven

Nike Air Presto Premium Metallic Hematite available to buy at Soleheaven

Nike Air Presto Premium Metallic Hematite available to buy at Soleheaven

Air Max All Day Everyday

It has been an insane year for Nike and ourselves with so many coveted releases making its way into our store, from highly sought after collection pieces like the Silver Bullets & Gold Medal 97's to the Atmos Collab 1's. All the way to fresh new models entering the scene like the Dualtone racer that takes influence from the Flyknit Racer.

Nike's air technology is potentially what made the company such a huge success over the last few decades. It was a feat of engineering to place an air capsule within a sneaker, giving athletes the pinnacle edge over everyone else.

We are very into the "More Air Less Boost" vibe which shows through our vast collection of Nike Air silhouettes we have available including the Air Max More, Air Max 2017, Air Max 1, Air Max 90, Air Max 95, Air Max 97, Air Force 1, Air Zoom Spiridon, Air Zoom, Air Jordan, Air Huarache, Air Footscape, Air Icarus Extra, Air Presto, the list goes on and on. So if you are after the finest sneaker choices in regards comfort and style, we have the pair for you... I mean we are one of the best independent sneaker retailers in the U.K so can you expect anything less?.

We shall begin with where it all began, the Air Max 1, possibly the most recognised sneaker globally, which is by no means an overstatement. They are simply on some next level vibes, with a timeless shape that is constantly innovated upon, the 1 is without a doubt a fan favourite for all Air lovers and it's easy to see why.

The Air Max 95 has become synonymous with U.K. culture, especially in the North East of England where we are located. With it being renowned for its durability and ability to take a beating, they were always seen as a status piece that you could flex on people with. The monochrome Ultra pair that we have selected is perfect for any occasion as the white panels can be easily wiped clean.

The Air Max LD Zero boasts a retro style with a modern twist thanks to the LD-1000 upper which has a very minimal and classic style to it. Matched with the air unit that runs along the entire sneaker which provides you with the utmost comfort with extra responsiveness and bounce, we have a selection of three tonal colourways that are sure to get your sneaker engine revving.

The Air Max 90 has become an absolute legend in its own right, they have stood the test of time and have entered the Hall Of Fame of the Sneaker world, with so many different models and variations on the 90 for you to choose from it can be quite overwhelming, here are the select choices we have made to help you make some crucial decisions

Do you want more? Well, that's exactly what we have next for you! The Air Max More has been making waves recently thanks to their unique flair matched with a comfort that is on a whole new level. They provide a sleek, lightweight option thanks to their hyperfuse panelling and mesh construction. I think with the recent Vapormax hype that is going around these are a great alternative if you want to try something a little different from the crowd.

On the Junior's side of things, we've got a stellar selection of Air Max in stock displayed right here. Highlighting the junior's selection is this year's latest offering on the Air Max front in the form of the Air Max 2017. Forming a stellar colour pallet of dark tones through to light, it was a hard choice to pick our favourite of the bunch.

We've settled on the Nike Air Max 2017 Junior in light bone and metallic gold. The touches of gold give this shoe a regal touch, with neutral colour makes the shoe very versatile and tasteful, counteracting the full-length air unit that the upper sits on. With tough competition in the air max genre, it's worth treating your junior to the best Nike has to offer.

Music For the Sole! Tyler, the Creator - Flower Boy

The Air Force Has Received A Pastel Makeover And It Looks Amazing

Look what we have in store for you today! Two perfectly punchy premium pastel Air Force 1 Lo's.

I don't know about you but I'm a sucker for pastel colourway, they just have that special appeal to me, maybe it's just the fact they are pleasing colours to look as they break away from the monotonous black & white sneakers that fill 95% of my collection, as soon as you step out in a pastel colourway it definitely turns some heads and for all the right reasons.

These Air Force 1's are just the epitome of what a summer sneaker should look like. Surprisingly my favourite colour of the two is the Violet Dust, I say surprisingly purely for the reason that I love Vachetta Tan & Nude colourways. But, wow. The Violet dust looks so clean on the foot and it makes the leather look super smooth and buttery. I think if these were a completely toned out sneaker they wouldn't have the same appeal, but thankfully they have a crisp white midsole to break them up and finish the bright summer style.

I think if these were a completely toned out sneaker they wouldn't have the same appeal, but thankfully they have a crisp white midsole to break them up and finish the bright summer style.

A niche little detail of these sneaks is the Swoosh, they have 3M qualities that catch you off guard and makes you double take them, so if you want to grab some attention and snap some necks, look no further my friend. Also, the swoosh and heel panels are a slight offset colour to the main leather palette which avoids the sneaker becoming boring and adds subtle details that make these a truly premium cop.

The Vachetta Tan look is very on trend right now and with good reason. They are such a wearable colourway and match with virtually any style, so when you add these to your wardrobe there will be no hassle or worry what to wear.

If you want to play it safe then I recommend the Vachetta Tan, but if you want a fresh zingy punch to your sneaker game then the Violet Dust is a winner. Either way, you are in safe hands.

Music For the Sole! Artist Focus: Flying Lotus

Arguably the most underrated producer in the music stratosphere currently, FlyLo has slowly but surely carved out a name for himself amongst peers and fans since the mid 00s. His brand of weirdo Hip/Hop-Dance-Electronica-Jazz-Orchestral-Rap thing has launched in to a unique living legend status amongst his peers. His career so far has seen him work alongside Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt and DOOM alongside the release of 4 Studio Albums and multiple E.P.s and mix tapes. As a producer, Flylo has taken on a distinctive sound over the years, using a mixture of rattling sub bass, frantic and pulsating synth layered on one another and choppy drums highlighted by unusual bass drum patterns. As big fans of his work, we thought we'd do a little break down of 5 tracks that go some way to explain the mystery of Flying Lotus.


Beginners Falafel

Before FlyLo brought out his debut album, Los Angeles, he had is first forray in to the world via sending music to Adult Swim/Cartoon Network to be used on their late night programming. Most of these beats were compiled on to his mixtape, 1983. Even after being signed to Warp Records (Home of Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Danny Brown etc) FlyLo still proceeded to supply beats to the TV company, thus this track from the afore mentioned debut album. A perfect introduction to FlyLo's ability.


After LA landed FlyLo break out success with the critical reception, it allowed him to become more daring with his techniques, something that would advance tenfold in his frequent collaborations fellow LA musician Thundercat. As readers of Music For the Sole! will know, Thundercat is starting to find himself on the big time with a critically and commercially success album in 'Drunk', as well as large scale tours around the world. A lot of that is down to this single off LA's follow up, Cosmogramma. A distinctly Jazzier epic. FlyLo channels his family heritage in to a truly eclectic and genre defining record, with Thundercat taking lead duties on this cut.

Captain Murphy - Between Friends

Worth mentioning as well is FlyLo's alter ego as the rapper, Captain Murphy. Back when tracks were being teased it was anyone's guess as to who this new rapper was. The E.p. that was then released, alongside the big reveal of the identity of Murphy, really stand out as a unique moment in FlyLo's career. A highlight of the project would be the FlyLo produced single with Earl and DOOM as guest vocalists.

Never Catch Me (featuring Kendrick Lamar) 

Arguably the biggest song of FlyLo's career (so far). The main single off his last album, You're Dead, sees the rapid fire delivery of Kendrick matched with the rapid production of FlyLo. Accompanied by a beautifully shot video, as most of his work is, this song became the groundwork for FlyLo to work with bigger artists, slumming it with Dr. Dre amongst others.


Kendrick Lamar - Wesley's Theory

The lead track from Kendrick's smash album To Pimp a Butterfly doesn't need and introduction for regular readers of the blog. As a track, it's a broadening of styles for FlyLo with it's G Funk rhythms mashed with typically frantic production. A true highlight of the album kicks proceedings off with a bang, as well as FlyLo's exposure to the mainstream of Rap and Hip/Hop.


The Jordan 2 Gets a Deconstructed Lifestyle Makeover

Jordan has recently been reinvented with a completely fresh lifestyle approach for the Summer. The transition from the court has come to great fruition as the execution is sublime with the Jordan Brand hitting the nail on the head with these. They have a flawless construction thanks to their sleek deconstructed build that avoids the bulk of typical Basketball sneakers.

They follow conventions of the highly sought after Just Don 2's which have repeatedly been sellouts thanks to their unique style and regal aesthetics. There have been previously limited edition renderings of the 2's that were region specific and again were great sellouts. So they are definitely something special and not something to be overlooked. They will be a great pair to add to your collection. These Jordan 2's feature an embossed ‘Wings’ branding on the tongue in a soft leather with matching hits on the heel. Even the insole is made from Vachetta Tan leather with the Jumpman embodied within which is a true regal finish. 

Three colourways are on offer in three varying colourways that appeal to different tastes and styles. The Triple Black offers a stealthy flex that matches with all black everything, or if you prefer rocking seasonally toned colourways then the Sail & Bio Beige is a must have, with a clean colour palette matched with on trend hits of Vachetta Tan, these can go especially great with Light wash denim, but whatever you choose it will no doubt be a winning combo. The final colourway is in a striking Thunder Blue with a clean Navy upper and a matching white sole that gives a refined menswear vibe. All three colourways hold their own and definitely appeal to different people, they are all great choices, but the question is which one is most suited for you.

Releasing tomorrow at 08:00 am BST (15/07/17) in limited sizes so make sure to be ready to cop your favourite colour as you may miss out.

We Show You How To Get The Best Of Both Worlds When Styling Nike Neighborhood Running Sneakers

Typically when you buy a pair of running sneakers they serve one purpose and that is purely for the practical uses. Running, jogging, working out and any physical exertion for that matter. We are trying to break this rule. So whether you are at the gym or work we have you covered.

You could even just be an urban commuter who lives life on the move. We are excited to show you that you can rock them for them at the gym AND with an everyday street outfit. So not only do they feel great on your feet with their responsiveness technology, they can now hold their own against lifestyle sneakers thanks to their fresh contemporary style.

We love to make things easier for you and to prove this hypothesis we thought it only correct that we take some running sneakers and style them with styles from both worlds to show you just how effective it can be done.

Three sneakers, Six styles are you ready?... Well, let's begin.

We will start with the LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2, which had an amazing bounce when running and also had much needed breathable qualities which are ideal for a warm day like today. They have a really subtle style to them with an all black colour scheme contrasted with subtle hints of Racer Blue and an infusion of matching Dark Grey so we decided to create a comfortable running outfit with a pair of loose shorts with underlying tights that match the sneakers and creates a style that doesn't seek attention but earns it.

Secondly the Free Run Commuter, with its easy slip-on action and toggle lacing system making them an easy choice when on the move as they are hassle free and hold a secure lockdown. The all white colour scheme makes them a perfect summer sneaker and makes them incredibly easy to style, especially with monochrome outfits. The simple shape makes them a sleek option for any time of the day as proven with the everyday outfit was matched with some cropped Navy Pants and a striped grey t-shirt.

Finally the Zoom All Out Low has an amazing impact across the board, with Provence Purple dominating the upper, Icy blue hits landing on the outsole, the flywire lacing provides great lockdown and the mesh allows for a breathable pair of kicks that look and feel fresh for any occasion.

I think we have gone above and beyond in proving our point that you can wear running sneakers for any occasion, so now it is up to you to take the plunge and become the next style icon.


Junior Air Jordans!

Air Jordan IV Retro GS 408452-006 Available now at

It's been a strong year for Jordan brand in 2017. The company has been outfitting ballers big and small with brand new retro inspired colourways, clean cult classics and all new models using revolutionary technology to further the Jordan experience. We thought we'd take a look at some of the best models catering to the juniors specifically, there's something for every little baller here.


Air Jordan Formula 23 Low 'Quai 54' GS AA7202-054

A relatively new model for Jordan brand, the Formula 23 low adapts the modernised looks of its parent design, bringing a lattice style upper and an over lapping tongue system to the table. The scalloped mid sole is perfect for your little cross over king to maintain poise on the court. In this black, gym red and Italy blue colourway too repping the Quai 54 Street ball tournament, they'll be commanding attention on and off the court. 

Air Jordan Fly '89 GS AA4039-010 Available now at


Air Jordan Fly '89 GS AA4039-010

A brand new model in the Jordan family, the Fly 89 brings a super sleek design harnessing plush neoprene uppers and a new variation on the Nike lunarlon sole unit  for off court comfort. Taking inspiration from it's not so distant cousin, the mighty Air Jordan IV, the fly 89 includes the classic Jordan eyelet design and heel tab to bring that unmistakable heritage style to your junior's feet. When they're done on the court, they can slide a pair of these on for ultra comfort and style
Air Jordan IV Retro GS 408452-006 Available now at


Air Jordan IV Retro GS 408452-006

After a strong initial release of the Jordan 4 Motorsport,Jordan brand decided to capitalise with a clean 'away' colour way of the Motorsport variety. Outfitted with a black leather upper alongside grey and blue accents, this speedy edition of the 4 is perfect for your junior in its classy aesthetic and super comfy fit.

Music For the Sole - Floating Points - Reflections-Mojave Desert


Classically trained electronic producer, DJ, and qualified neuroscientist Floating Points isn't your regular musician. After a stellar body of production and remixes for big name artists (Four Tet, Sebastian Tellier and Bonobo to name a few), Floating Points has evolved his sound of late in to an ensemble big band, capable of large cinematic tos and fros, with movements that would impress that of Alice Coltrane or Mozart. 2015 saw Floating Points release his debut album, Elaenia, to mass critical acclaim. Luckily, we've been blessed with another mini epic in the form of Reflections - Mojave Desert.

Structurally, Reflections... plays out similar to his previous release. Rather than the format of an album, the songs work together to craft a singular entity, with each track splitting the album in to movements. Replacing string sections usually heard on classical works, the major instruments at play are the super tight rhythm section, fading in to play to bring the pace up, and Floating Points array of synths and keys to bring melody to the ambience. A new, prominent feature in the band is the edition of the lead guitar, bringing a progressive sound akin to that of Dark Side of the Moon Floyd, yet still retaining the classic electronic sensibilities that Floating Points has patented over many years.

The record is highlighted by epics 'Sillurian Blue' and 'Kelso Dunes', weighing in at 7:01 & 12:48 respectively. The former builds on the ambience of the intro, 'Mojave Desert', to provide a muted piano lead track, building slowly with the edition of multiple stringed instruments, and Floating Points trademarked Miami Vice esque synths. Multiple crescendos and dynamic changes highlight this track, with it's epic ending serving as only a taster for what is to feature later in the record. The latter, Kelso Dunes, continues on the synth work displayed on middle track 'Kites. Rumbling basslines match the frantic drums that slowly raise the dynamics louder and louder and suddenly fading back down to quiet murmur till eventually we're brought to a noisy crescendo, and at that the album slowly fades out in to closing track 'Lucerne Valley', an ambient piece that meanders till it's a eventual close.

As the landscape of electronic music becomes broader and broader with technological advances, it's refreshing to see an artist craft his version of classical music with a majority of analog instruments. If you get a chance to see the ensemble live, I implore you to do so.


We Are Back In Paris Again With An Icon - Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG

So last week we started off celebrating the Parisian Basketball street event 'Quai 54' by releasing the Formula 23 that made waves with their unique and bold style. This was just the beginning of what is to become a great pack. The next Jordan model that is seeing the street makeover is the 1, which is arguably the most sought after style and it's easy to see why.

These are next level in hand. Every element has been thought through with great consideration to reflect the true nature and spirit of the event. The matte effect of the Nubuck matches perfectly with subtle touches of leather on the heel and ankle. The Nubuck was a clever choice of materialisation as it can withstand the harsh street games with its renowned durable qualities and the black doesn't show marks or scuffs, so you can rock these wherever you go, knowing that you don't need to be careful. 

The all black upper is contrasted with the tones of the event and the host nation France with Italy Blue and University Red. The Quai logo features on the tongue in a contrasting colour. The standout part of this release is the asymmetric colour scheme, with a Lance Mountain style mismatch. Where one sneaker has University Red accents and the other is in Italy Blue. The accents add a bright splash of colour to the sneaker and brandish the outsole, and leather panels as well as the Quai branding.

Releasing tomorrow at 08:00 am BST (08/07/17) and are priced at £140 available in sizes UK 6 - 14 and are also available in GS sizes priced at £90 so the whole family can rock the streets in style.


Introducing The All New Nike Dualtone Racer!

The Nike Flyknit Racer instantly became a fan favourite to Runner's back in 2012 when they were released. They were designed and influenced heavily by professional and casual runners alike, who asked for a sneaker that could have the feeling of a sock with a snug fit and a sleek style. So with that being said we introduce a new silhouette.

The latest from Nike is a completely new and follows the style of a Flyknit Racer with the shape and style but offers a more durable mesh upper and at a much more affordable price point. There are two key differences between the Dualtones & the Flyknit Racers and that the upper is constructed out of mesh, not Flyknit. Another subtle difference is that this model comes with a midsole that appears to have more of a smooth finish to it apart from having a wider build which means it easier to casually walk around. Flywire lacing still appears but is secured with subtle Hyperfuse panelling, even the collar has a plush cushioning that offers ankle support.

The colourways on offer are very clean and minimal with subtle contrasting touches to break up the Racer meaning that they can intertwine with casual everyday outfits and then also get down to the gritty duties like the Gym and running. You get the best of both worlds.

This is just the beginning with more adventurous and exciting colourways of the Dualtone racer coming soon to Soleheaven for not only Men but also Women and Children. So stay tuned for further releases.

These are releasing tomorrow at 08:00 am BST (06/07/2017), available in sizes UK 6 - 11 and are priced at £72.

We Proudly Present: Soleheaven JNR


Come July 2017, there will be a new kid on the block catering to the Junior's in your life.  We're very happy announce that come summer time you won't need to go anywhere else for your family's shoes, as we will be stocking the best colourways and models in all kids sizes so that they're ready to stunt no matter the situation. We will posses unique colourways and styles in brands such as Nike, Jordan Brand, New Balance, Vans and Converse, separate to anyone the high street.

As the foremost independent sneaker store in the UK, we like to pride ourselves on our knowledge, individuality and diversity amongst our peers, a notion that is stressed to our  juniors from a young age. To 'be different', to 'strike out on your own accord', to 'be yourself'. No one wants to be a high street clone, especially not our social conscious junior generation.

Nike Air Force 1 Kids 314193-117 Available at now

Nike Free Run 2017 Junior 904255-402 Available at now

From the get go, our website will include an intrinsically Soleheaven merchandised kids range, offering you the best look at our product on and off feet, with more progressive and forward thinking editorials catering towards parents and juniors in a multitude of themes.

For those who frequent our Newcastle instore, we will have a fully merchandised section of our store dedicated to the JNRs, including interactive areas to keep attention topped up. 

Our aim is to offer our Soleheaven customers a unique experience that allows you to cop Men's, Women's and junior's all in one transaction, with added incentives to make sure you're getting the best value for money for your family, as well as an easy and accessible area for juniors to . Alongside our customer rewards  programme get in on the action, minus mum and dad.

Nike Air Max Vision Junior 917857-001 Available at now

Stay tuned to the SOLEHEAVENJUNIOR Instagram channel as we reveal more of our vision and ethos for this new addition to the Soleheaven family.

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