Vans Authentic 'Washed Canvas'

Vans Authentic Washed available to buy at Soleheaven now!

Vans return with a burst of colour for Spring 2017, introducing three new Authentics. The Vans Authentic skate shoe has been an iconic silhouette in the sneaker game since its original debut in 1976, hosting key features that gives a Vans sneaker its essence such as a waffle outsole, durable canvas upper, metal eyelets and of course the Vans flag label on the heel of the midsole. 

Keeping the iconic silhouette of this classic skate shoe it has been given a fresh makeover just in time for Spring and Summer. The durable canvas has been given a washed out effect cooling down the heat of the bright colourways. White stitching highlights the key panels off the upper complimented alongside with white laces cutting clean against the bold backdrop pleasingly. Vans branding tab sits on top of white stitching under the emphasised white metal lace eyelets. Branding placement is followed up on the heel of the midsole with the renowned Vans label, all branding in dark shade of navy. The vibrant upper is sat upon the classic thick gum midsole which couples perfectly with all three shades of colour. The classic waffle sole patterns the outsole of the sneaker. 

The colourway of this triplet collection puts the task of brightening your summer wardrobe at ease. The sneaker is available in three colourways. Citrus is one of the three colourways which is named perfectly to portray the zesty orange shade which is very striking and compliments the gum sole and white commendably. Blue Radiance is a fresh and cooling shade of a mint blue a perfect shade for a festival or holiday look. The final colourway is Cherry Tomato which is a ripe shade of red a warming colour to go with a smart casual outfit for sunny day activities. 

My favourite out of the collection is the Citrus. I think this colourway couples best with white highlights and gum sole of the sneaker. This colour has many potential outfit pairings and would be a great choice for many social occasions such as holidays, festivals and garden parties. 

The Vans Authentic are available to buy now at Soleheaven in all three colourways in sizes UK 7-11

Vans Authentic in Blue Radiance VA38EMMQR

Vans Authentic in Citrus VA38EMMQT

Vans Authentic in Cherry Tomato VA38EMMQS

Tag @Soleheaven or #Teamsoleheaven to let us know your opinion of your favourite colourway for this Authentic or tag us in your posts as we would love to see how you style yours and for what occasion. Let us know if we got you in the mood for the Spring and the creative spirit!

Vans Authentic in Blue Radiance VA38EMMQR available to buy at Soleheaven now

Vans Authentic in Citrus VA38EMMQT available to buy at Soleheaven now

Vans Authentic in Cherry Tomato VA38EMMQS available to buy at Soleheaven now

Music For the Sole! Kendrick Lamar - The Heart Part 4

It's Monday, Kendrick Lamar just bodied the rap game again, Let's get into it.

Let me preface this track review by saying this week's Music For the Sole was supposed to be More Life. Drake's OVO Playlist had the spotlight for a few days before Kendrick went rap game Hiroshima on everyone with levels of aggression unseen since 'Control', but we'll get to that later.

After a short tease of the IV artwork on Instagram, we were treated to a surprise drop of Kendrick's 4th iteration in 'The Heart' series, his stand-alone series of stories and verses released periodically. Previous iterations of the series have found Kendrick contemplating himself, his purpose, and general musings, an artist's sketch pad of verses brimming with ideas.

On number 4, we find Kendrick taking a different look at life. He's happy with his money, with his acclaim, the validation of his talent through past projects. Slowly as the verse creeps on, the lyrics get darker with a sinister edge. Claims that although he has sanctification (free of sin) 'I ain't sanctified enough to say I won't shoot ya'. This should have been warning enough for the lyrical onslaught coming.

The beat switches up and instantly Kendrick's demeanour changes. The seething anger in Kendrick's voice as he raps; 'My fans can't wait for me to son ya punk-ass, and ya whole lil'shit, I'll Big Pun ya punk-ass, you a scared little bitch'. Now for fans of Kendrick who remember the notorious 'Control' verse from a number of years ago, where Kdot declared himself King of the West and East coast, they'll know the infamous line where Kendrick systematically called each rapper out by name, telling them to step up their game. The aftermath was felt hard by certain rappers referenced. Big Sean, the man who Kendrick ate on his own track, and stopped Control from being featured on his album and has had a frosty response to anything Kendrick related going forward. Drake, who has had a long-standing rivalry with Kendrick since Control and who's most recent release brought about this burial.

There are too many lyrics in the second verse to spot out. Kendrick fires shots at everyone, from vague references to rap beef, to name dropping Donald Trump 'is a Chump', the Russians, Kevin Durant, Former county sheriff Lee Bacca. No one is safe.

To cap off a masterful example of putting everyone on blast, Kendrick ends the track declaring 'Y'all got 'til April 7th to get y'all shit together'. Could we be seeing a new album from Kendrick? We'll have to see.











Photo of the Week

Did you remember to change your clocks this morning? Of course you didn't but luckily your phone probably did. So British Summer Time is here which means that we get more light in the evenings. Great news for natural light photographers working across the country.

This week's photo of the week is a throw back to Feburary when dusk would be upon us in the middle of the afternoon. When this happens we have a few options, either ramp up the ISO on our cameras, pack up and wait for the sun to rise again or break out the strobes. On this occasion, we decided to do the latter and carried a speedlight on the shoot.

The great thing about speed lights are that they are compact and very portable, the bad thing is that, in comparison to the sun, they are a tiny source of light with limited power and spread. To help soften the light I took the flash off-camera and bounced it into a small sheet of paper. It wasn't an elegant solution but it worked.

It's not often that I'll introduce artificial light into the photographs that I take and it'll probably become an even rarer event now that the clocks have gone forwards but it's definitely a viable option to create some interesting, directional lighting in photographs.

In this pic, Tom is rocking the Nike Air Footscape Magista Flyknit in Black. Pick it up here.

The RevolutionAirs

We are getting ready for the celebration of Air Max Day 2017 - and an extra special one due to the 30 year anniversary of the Air Max 1. For this years Air Max Day, Nike have picked the brains of 12 RevolutionAirs worldwide to compete in a unique Nike Air design project. The aim of the competition is for each of the new directional designers to create their own out of the box perspective of a Nike Air sneaker. On the 16th of March the 12 designs were revealed to the public eye and voting opened. The winner of one of the 12 creations will be released in 2018. 

The creative minds behind the 12 designs were all artists, designers, DJs or Retailers. They were scouted from London, Moscow, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Seoul, Los Angles, Mexico City, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing and New York. 

A favourite of mine from the range of imaginative designs is Kyle NG’s from LA. Kyle NG is a designer, multimedia artist and co founder of the brand Brain Dead. The aim of his design was to inspire people to think from another perspective, understand other individuals and creative above the status quo. His sneaker design is an Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit. With Flyknit technology starting off the futuristic vibe with a burlap looking underline expressed in a neutral mellow golden colourway with neon red pops off colour in the air capsule and lace eyelets. The upper is finished off with a white hand-painted circular pattern giving the sneaker a personal DIY yet unfinished look. This I really like as it gives a modern art essence to the shoe. The shoe has standard nike branding featuring a side swoosh however on the heel of the sneaker the is the quote ‘Give a damn’. This was to provoke the public to make their voices heard and to take a stand for what they believe in. 

Los Angles, Kyle NG RevolutionAir design. Images from

My other choice from the twelve would have to be Lourdes Villagomez’s Air Max 1 x Air Max 90 hybrid. Lourdes Villagomez is a contemporary artist from Mexico City. This sneaker highly appeals to me as it is my two favourite Nike silhouettes perfectly blended into a hybrid. All though I like unique and artistic designs and colourways on a sneaker the vibrant tropical colourway is not what I would usually go for however it injects a summer essence into the shoe. Her acrylic paint work is portrayed in this design with overlay of colours onto the midsole. The feathered leaf patterns and multicoloured outsole flecks reflect the muse of the tropical Quetzal Bird and its surrounding habitat of the Central American Forests. To add an exclusive feature for the 30th birthday of the Air Max 1 there is a reflective ’30 Air Max’ in the side swoosh. 

Mexico City, Lourdes Villagomez RevolutionAir Design. Images from

Out of the 12 entries the design taken most to the extreme is without a doubt Venus X’s bizarre iteration of the Air Max 97. Her message and inspiration of an environment of escalated tension being behind the design. The sneaker extends from the ankle, up the leg to the thigh with bold lettering following. The upper has a colourway that acknowledges a classic Air Max Plus. The shoe screams fantasy and futurism however diminishes any practicality of the wearing and outfit building around the sneaker. In reality the out of the box guidelines has been taken way past the line and although this shoe may fit into the revolutionary theme I feel most of the Nike customer would not be outgoing enough to wear these out the house. 

New York City, Venus X RevolutionAir Design. Images from

Tag @Soleheaven or comment your opinion. We would love to know which RevolutionAir gets your vote, what you like about them or maybe any features of a sneaker that interest or inspire you.

Soleheaven Motorsport Tote Bag!

If you haven't checked our social media or yesterday's blog post about the Air Jordan 4 'Motorsport' there is a lot of hype around this release as it was over a decade since they were last released.

Not only do you get blessed with a pair of iconic kicks, we are also gifting away free tote bags that has 'Soleheaven Motorsport' and '23' branded on the bag as well as a Carolina Blue stripe running through the bag. It is a minimal design that can go with essential outfits which we have shown with Callum rocking the tote bag in store.

These Tote bags are exclusive to the release due to the fact they only come with each order that is placed to make this cop a little bit more special for you. 

So make sure to have yourself ready for the release which is 08:00 am GMT 25/3/17

Sneaker Focus: Air Jordan 4 'Motorsport'


Soleheaven x AJ4 Motorsport from Sole Heaven on Vimeo.

Bike like Mike!

If you never knew that Michael Jordan was a serious motorbike enthusiast you do now, he even had his own Professional Racing team 'Michael Jordan Motorsport' where they had a Suzuki that sported the White, Black & Game Royal brandishing the chassis which has been reflected and transformed into the Jordan 4.

The mythical sneak was initially made as friends and family only as back in 2006 Jordan gifted all 16 members of the racing team with the Motorsport colourway. After that small release they became highly sought after and it has taken a decade for the sneakers to re-enter the scene and bless sneakerheads with a unique and fresh pair of creps.

Featuring a premium all white leather upper with black detailing hitting parts of the midsole and side caging and underneath the mesh panelling on the flanks of the sneaker as well as the heel tab. The Game Royal brings a splash of elegant colour to the Motorsports hitting all the Jordan branding as well as the midsole, lining to create a distinct and bold look.

We at Soleheaven love when sneakers have a great back story to them as well as the aesthetics and so to pay great homage to the sneaker heritage of the Jordan we deemed it only right that we match the Motorsports with one of the UK's most high octane daredevil Superbike rider Jason 'The Wheelie' King. He and his Suzuki GSX-R1000 set the world record for the fastest 1km standing start in 2012 clocking in at 197.7mph!

This summer he is also looking to break the world record for the fastest wheelie over 1km which currently stands at a staggering 213.7mph he is attempting to hit 217mph so we will have to keep our fingers crossed for him! His Superbike has a value of £70,000 and it is easy to see why especially with it having a power to weight ratio that is 8 times that of a Bugatti Veyron.

We met up with Jason and told him about the inspiration and design behind the 4's and he was more than happy to let us create an exciting short film including himself and his bike and the Jordan's to create a beautiful display of craftsmanship and style.

Jason has even stated that TT legend and speed king Guy Martin refused to ride this Suzuki because of its colossal power, you know its mad when the man with very little fear doesn't want to try it.

Available online at 08:00 am GMT 25/3/17 in a very limited size run (UK 6-12) so make sure to be ready for the drop or you may miss out.


Sneaker Focus: Saucony Grid SD 'Quilt' Pack

This GRID SD has a whole host of intelligent tech contained within matched with elegant comfort. The shape stays true to the original GRID family, this new 'Quilt' pack places a unique diamond quilt on the upper spreading from the toe box, around the flanks and wrapping around the heel. These definitely hold a refined style and provide an unmatched aesthetic.

The upper consists of a soft Nubuck with the Wolverine Silkee Suede that Saucony is famous for using, matched with premium leather to complete the regal pair of kicks. The flat waxed laces give the sneaks a handmade, high-quality tailoring. The mesh tongue provides a comfy fit and allows for a more breathable wear.  

The textile lining and cushioning gives an all-around comfortable feel, the durable rubber traction outsole provides with all day, all year wear that can withstand a good beating. Featuring G.R.I.D cushioning system which is Saucony's creme-de-la-creme piece. 

The two colourways we have in stock are perfect for the new seasonal weather, with neutral tones of Beige and Oatmeal and Tan brandishing the majority of the upper mixed with Grey hues crafts a perfect blend. 

My favourite from the pack is the S70308-2 purely for the colour palette, with the Tan leather hitting the flanks and even on the caging, blended with the neutral colours to create a fully contemporary sneaker with a premium finish.

Click here to shop the Saucony Originals Grid SD 'Quilted Pack' S70308-1

Click here to shop the Saucony Originals Grid SD 'Quilted Pack' S70308-2

Music For the Sole! Frank Ocean - Chanel

It's Monday, we're back with a track review of Frankie Ocean's newest effort since 'Blond', lets get in to it.

In this latest release from Frank, we find him returning to a similar formula used Channel Orange, subverting the avant garde theme of 'Blond' for a laid back, down tempo approach, focusing on Frank's vocal and lyrical ability, with minimal accompaniment from the autotune found over 'Blond'. Chanel's tone has a similar to that of Frank Ocean collaborator Sampha, with it's stripped down instrumental backing, production being handled by super talented Scandinavian RnB duo Jarami .

 The lyrics are partially focused on Frank's well documented sexuality. His use of the Chanel  logo and it's mirrored logo as a metaphor for bisexuality, as well as many references to things with subjects with duel meaning. First listening through had me mistaking the chorus as 'I see both sides as Chappelle', so I wrote a big thing about the return of Dave Chappelle and how great Frank was giving a spotlight to Dave for a new generation. But yeah, Chanel is pretty cool too.

The track is a nice update from Frank post 'Blond'. We found out he's taking some time out in Japan (Shibuya to be exact), he's got a hot guy, he has a self driving Tesla (That Elon Musk hook up), and he's got a stupid amount of money to burn, so much so he can spend it on stupid things like rolls of Delta Airlines gift cards, and collab bags (Louis V Supreme maybe?). Only Frank can make a heartfelt, profound ballad that talks about token rap topics like Sex, Money, Cars and drugs, yet still make it super classy and refined.

As a track, it's not going to go down as one of Frank's best, but it still up holds a consistency that frank has displayed over the last year. Hopefully this track is a sign of intent to keep dropping new music now that he's outside of the constraints of a major label.

How do you guys feel about this new one? Love it or hate it? Peep the track below!


Photo of the Week

It's been a massive week for the Air Max 1 with the release of the hyperfused ultra in OG colourway and of course, the legendary Atmos. Many of the other products that have come through our doors may have been overshadowed but it doesn't make them any less worthy of the spotlight. 

This season's stock from LA based apparel designer 40s & Shorties also dropped on our doorstep this week. Continuing to make references to pop culture and use of memes, we received socks that feature illustrations of Prince tucking into a plate of pancakes as well as fellow artist Biggie Smalls. The pair that really caught my eye though were the "Pocket Socks" with a 3" pocket sewn into the inside of each foot. Pretty handy if you ask me.

Shop 40s & Shorties here

Release Reminder: Nike x Atmos Air Max 1 Premium Retro

You voted for them! (Or probably voted for them anyways). as It was during last years anniversary that Nike gave sneakerheads the rare opportunity to vote for their favourite ever Air Max. The stakes were high as Nike promised to re-release that silhouette in 2017. There was a whole lot of heat available to chose from including the 'Chlorophyll', 'Viotechs', 'Duck Camo' & 'War Hawk' 90's. But the winner by a long shot was with the Tokyo store Collab with Atmos and their 'Elephant' print taking the most votes which have led to this release occurring.

Designed by Hirofumi Kojima the original Atmos Collab was released in 2007 making it 10 years ago (co-incident?), the design is inspired by bathing Elephants and the Jordan 3's that were the first sneakers to host the unique print.

Featuring a patent leather Jade swoosh which gives the Atmos the distinct look that makes it one of the most popular Air Max 1's to date, plush suedes and of course the legendary Elephant print brandishing around the mudguard and ankle.

These sneakers have found a perfect blend of Minimalism and maximalism and are highly sought after for a reason, so make sure you don't miss out on these.

Releasing in-store tomorrow at 10:00 am (GMT) 18/03/17

*1 pair per customer, no exceptions!*

*Please Que by the benches not by the shop fence as to not block other stores.

*Anybody causing a disturbance will not be served

*1 person in the store at one time

You can only purchase your size, check shop window for available size list.

Sneaker Focus: Diadora N9000 Italia 'Made In Italy’


The N9000 is a pinnacle point among the 'Made in' Diadora collections: due to the high-quality materials used throughout with plush suede, breathable mesh and durable midsoles, whilst replicating the construction and comfort of the original, and a timeless, trendy design: characteristics that come to the fore at their best in the Made in Italy version.

At Soleheaven we have had a few N9000 iterations stocked in the last few months, from the unique 'Hologram' to the military inspired 'Bright Camo' pack, the latest 'Made In Italy' iteration is extremely tasteful, with clean white uppers on the mesh, complimented with seasonal tones of 'Oatmeal' and 'Mustard' whilst being broken up by vibrant hits of Red & Blue it is one of the most iconic silhouettes as it was how Diadora transferred from Athletic footwear to Lifestyle sneakers. one of their most iconic silhouettes perfected the transition between athletics to lifestyle.

The Virbasorb damping and the EVA midsole make for a comfortable ride whilst retaining its durable qualities making the N9000 a perfect all round sneaker. Made in Italy at Diadora's headquarters in Caerano Di Son Marco which has a production facility in house.

I personally love Diadora's approach to this sneaker because it has a clean, minimal base with hits of colour that make it distinct and creative, plus the Made In Italy instantly says high-quality and premium long lasting sneakers, so these are definitely worth the £130. I also enjoy the way the Princess Blue wraps around the midsole as it makes the sneaks pop in contrast to the white.

Click here to shop the Diadora N9000 Italia 171853-C0816 'Made In Italy’ 

Release Reminder: Nike Air Max 1 Ultra 2.0 LE 'Air Max Day'

Air Max Day is quickly approaching, it has been a crazy month of releases and we have seen so many hyped releases across social media, including the grailed OG Air Max 1, the unique 'Masters' with its crazy mudguard taking inspiration from popular previous iterations. There is still loads to come with the later release of the OG Atmos as well as the completely new Vapormax which shows the latest innovations from Nike.

Here we have the Nike Air Max 1 Ultra 2.0 Essential in the OG colourway, being dubbed 'Air Max Day' thanks to the detailing on the tongue branding '3.26' which references the official/non-official Air Max Day, which has been seen before in 2014 when Nike released a Volt soled version of the OG's with the date brandished on the tongue. Featuring bright hits of Challenge Red across the sneaker, punching on the Swoosh, mudguard, tongue and the forefoot of the outsole and other branding parts.

Designed by the legendary Tinker Hatfield and first released in 1987, the Air Max 1 broke boundaries and began the 'Air Revolution'. The design takes inspiration from the Le Centres George Pompidou in Paris, which has the layout of a building reversed, it's completely inside-out and even reflects the colour on the bottom of the steps. Below is the photo of the George Pompidou to show the inspiration behind the iconic kicks.

Photo by:

The lightweight Ultra 2.0 outsole has been cored out making it one of the lightest Air Max models ever making it much lighter than its predecessor. The breathable mesh upper has been mixed with plush suedes on the mudguard and heel and has been blended with innovative hyper-fuse panelling on the flanks. Providing an even sleeker and lightweight feel whilst retaining the premium finish creating a beautiful unique hybrid of the iconic colourway.

The Air Max will be releasing at 08:00 am (GMT) on 16/3/17 in both men's and women's sizes in very limited runs so make sure you're ready for the drop or you'll miss the cop.

‘All pairs are limited. And will be restricted to only one pair per customer. Any orders placed which are believed to be abusing this system will be cancelled.'

Music For the Sole! Freddie Gibbs - Crushed Glass (Track Review)

It's Monday, we're mixing it up with a track review, Gangster Gibbs got out, lets get in to it.

The long awaited return of Freddie Gibbs has brought us the first track 'Crushed Glass' from an upcoming album titled 'You Only Live 2wice'.

The track finds Gibbs repentful for a lot of mistakes, jumping straight in with the line 'The future started yesterday, n****, every minute feelin' different, I am not the same n****'. Gibbs' flow is frantic, almost manic, trying to air as many issues and fears as possible over the track. The confident air and flow found on previous releases 'Pinata' and 'ESGN' is replaced by a paranoid disposition. Gibbs describes his come up and strive to be a paid man to being toppled from his pedestal due to a falsely made rape allegation in Austria. His cold and calculated air as an efficient dope dealer replaced by a vulnerable shell of himself, trapped in a foreign prison.

The chorus is almost akin to a mantra. In a previous life it was 'me myself and I', but now he has to 'level up', be a better man. References to him 'Leveling up' could be taken from the now shared artwork of the forthcoming 'You Only Live 2wice' depicting Gibbs in a renaissance-esque painting as a resurrected Christ above a landscape of police brutality, disciples wearing Jordans (True Blue 3s and Vans Old Skool for those with a good eye) and Exotic dancers (could be the ladies referred to that have tried to extort him)

The nature of the charges is something that Gibbs finds bemusing, as well as a big wake up call. It's no secret that Gibbs like to reference his previous gang life as a dope dealer amongst other illegal activities, something that he was never caught for. In Gibbs' eyes, his naivety had gotten the best of him with avoiding heavy charges for his dealing, instead of being brought down on a false claim 'Choppin' the porcelain up for years, said I'm suckin' glass. I beat the DEA and the task, now I'm on my Ass'. The charges also brought to light his priorities, His Wife and his Daughter. All he wants is his daughter to be proud of him when she grows up and to look after his family. Incarcerated in his cell on another continent has left him to be introspective of his life.

As the track goes on Gibbs builds up a nostalgic narrative about his previous life as well as a sweeping analysis of the plight of African Americans in our world. He makes reference to his stints in a French and Austrian as akin to that of the slave trade, as well as taking fire at Donald Trump on his final verse. 'Donald Trump gon' chain us up and turn back to slaves...'. Gibbs rationales his decisions in life as a man who had a bad upbringing in a bad place (If you search 'Gary, Indiana' The 4th link is tips of how to stay safe in Gary), a Kid brought up in the drug trade, how else was he supposed to survive.

The outro lead with the lyrics 'Ooh, I will be alright. Ooh, I will live my life' is an ominous prelude to the forthcoming release. It'll be interesting to see if Gibbs brings back an ultra serious persona that he adopted on mixtapes like 'Baby Face Killer', or the light heart approach of 'Pinata'. Whatever it is, you can guarantee it'll have as menacing as ever.





Photo of the Week

As you know, all of the products we sell are photographed on location. This week I was shooting the latest drops on the rooftop of a multi-storey car park in the centre of Newcastle and I took a moment to admire the city from the vantage point.

Grey's monument stands proudly above the rooftops in the centre of the frame and looks out towards Gateshead. The uneven structures are typical of the city as it slopes down to the river Tyne. Many of the buildings have a rich history and the traditional architecture plays a big role in the stunning appearance of Newcastle. As with any other city, it's constantly undergoing development and modernisation which is visible in some of the buildings to the right of the frame but the overall aesthetic is still very traditional.

I've walked many many miles through the streets of the Toon, but I still see new details and locations that I never noticed before.

When you become so familiar with your surroundings, it can be easy to take them for granted but I owe a lot to the city for providing me with the inspiration for the photographs that I take here. Sometimes you might see something that makes you want to be somewhere else, but there might be something just as good right under your nose, you just need to take the time to look for it.

There is beauty everywhere, if you choose to see it.

- Ant

Soleheaven Stylist: New Balance W530SD

New Balance W530SD in White/Blue available to buy at Soleheaven now

New balance always provides the perfect fusion of style and sport. Whilst always taking into consideration the best aesthetic designs they always provide maximum comfort and practicality. They are a multi-purpose and suitable for both men and women. Materials flaunted by New Balance range from plush suedes to smooth premium leathers.

For this look, we have used the New Balance W530SD in a White/Blue colourway. A cool contrasting colour palette allows it to be easily matched. Taken from the New Balance ‘Sweatshirt Pack’.

These New Balance are characterised with a mixed texture of mesh, suede and canvas paneling portraying a detailed layering effect. Branding is executed on the tongue and side panels of the sneaker. A breathable mesh toe box highlighted with surrounding blue side paneling and a smooth leather overlay sits upon a clean white midsole. For enhancing the sporty element of this shoe an enhanced ENCAP sole is included for durable and comfortable traction. Off white and blue toned hues colour the famous paneling. 

For styling this sneaker we went for the smart casual of commending them alongside some navy high-waisted pinstripe cigarette trousers and a purple long sleeve tee to compliment the cool blue tones. This look could be worn as an everyday look or could even be dressed up more girly for a warmer day or a social event with a skirt. For an active alternative, you can pair these runners up with a pair of leggings and a t-shirt. These sneakers fit well with a pair of clean white trainer socks. From going on your morning run to going shopping these are the perfect all round sneaker for anyones wardrobe.

 This pair of trainers also come in men's sizes which could be sported for a similar sport casual look with a grey pair of trousers and a light coloured long sleeve tee or casually paired with a pair of joggers and short sleeve tee for active wear.

The key to this look is wearing these with what feels comfortable whilst keeping it minimalistic and let the shoes bring the detail and pop of colour to the outfit. 

Tag @soleheaven or #Teamsoleheaven to show us how you style your New Balance as we would love to see how everyone else styles theirs, or maybe you could try and replicate this look with a few alterations, let us know if we inspired you and helped you get into the creative spirit.

New Balance W530SD in White/Blue 

New Balance W530SD in White/Blue available to buy at Soleheaven now

New Balance W530SD in White/Blue available to buy at Soleheaven now

New Balance W530SD in White/Blue available to buy at Soleheaven now

Sneaker Focus: Go Green this Spring with Nike

It's that time of the year again, I don't know about you but for me, its been such a cold Winter, so I am beyond happy that the sun is finally starting to make its debut, the days are becoming longer, the sky becomes bright blue again and the greenery finally starts to appear making for a lush colour palette as opposed to the dull grey city aesthetic.

Nike has got us prepared for the warmer days by releasing a whole host of silhouettes that have been coated in a rich Legion Green and Palm Green that reflects the influx of flourishing vegetation. Containing popular models like the Cortez, Talaria, Huarache, Footscape, Jordans, Air Force 1, Mayfly, Air Max 90's & The Lunar Magista, so there is a whole host of shapes that will suit everyone's tastes. Featuring different materialisation throughout with plush suedes, durable Nylon, breathable Flyknit and mesh, meaning you can step out in comfort and style this Spring. 

The question is, which of the silhouettes in stock are your favourite? My personal choice is the Mayfly due to its minimal construction and lightweight feel, matched with its unique design and spongy midsole providing that bouncy step. But the Cortez is another model that sways me thanks to its clean colour built upon an iconic sneak.

Nike Mayfly Premium 816548-300

Nike Classic Cortez Nylon WMNS 749864-300

Nike Air Presto WMNS 878068-302

Shop all our Legion Green colourways here

Soleheaven Stylist: Nike Air Presto WMNS

Nike Air Presto WMNS in Industrial Blue available to buy at Soleheaven now

Another one for the ladies, today we are showing you our favourite way of styling the Industrial Blue Nike Air Presto. This shoe is proving very popular due to its unrivaled comfort levels and the cushioning support it provides. With stretchable mesh uppers this evolved running sneaker is highly adaptable giving it a snug fit. The Industrial Blue colourway energises any active outfit, an ideal colour for spring summer. 

The Industrial Blue colourway works well with outfit builds including cool toned garments and block colours so not to take away the focus of the vibrancy of the trainer. This sneaker also comes in a Palm Green/Legion Green/White colourway.

To accompany these shoes we embraced the sporty essence and paired them with some running leggings, an oversized cropped sleeve t-shirt and accessorised with a black duffle bag. This achieves a sporty street wear look, for gearing up for the gym the oversized tee is easy swapped for a more compact alternative.

If the active look isn't your style the Air Prestos look just as good alongside a pair of joggers or jeans which can be paired with a long sleeve tee and a casual coach or denim jacket. 

A key feature to this sneaker is the thick supportive midsole allowing the shoe to provide unrivalled, durable traction with maximum cushioning allowing optimum performance and long lasting wear.

These sneakers are also available in a Legion Green/Black colourway with a twist of a premium leather upper more for a smarter sports shoe more for aesthetics rather than athletics. These would pair well with jeans or jogger style trousers. Also a key colour for this season's trends, which makes it the perfect spring addition to your sneaker wardrobe. 

Tag @soleheaven or #Teamsoleheaven to show us how you style your Nike Air Presto’s as we would love to see how everyone else styles theirs, or maybe you could try and replicate this look with a few alterations, let us know if we inspired you and helped you get into the creative spirit.

Nike Air Presto WMNS in Industrial Blue 

Nike Air Presto WMNS in Palm Green/Legion Green/White

Nike Air Presto Premium WMNS in Legion Green/Black

Nike Air Presto WMNS in Industrial Blue available to buy at Soleheaven now

Nike Air Presto WMNS in Industrial Blue available to buy at Soleheaven now

Nike Air Presto WMNS in Industrial Blue available to buy at Soleheaven now

Music For the Sole! Thundercat - Drunk

It's Monday, lets get drunk with Thundercat.

With best part of a decade spent in the shadows as L.A.'s premier virtuoso session bass player as well as songwriting credits with a literary of artists, Thundercat struck out as a writing and recording partner to Flying Lotus and as a major part of the recording process of Kendrick Lamar's 'To Pimp a Butterfly' & 'Untitled Unmastered', winning a Grammy for his part in the song writing of 'These Walls', his unmistakeable falsetto ringing out over the track.

Somewhat of a coming out party for Thundercat, the build-up for Drunk was a tentative one. Lead Singles 'Show You the Way' and 'Them Changes' showed a matured Thundercat with simpler arrangements that could showcase his vocal ability, as well as his unique bass playing. The former song featuring The Doobie Brothers singer Michael McDonald for a guest verse, the latter song grooves away with a drum sample of The Isley Brothers 'Footsteps in the Dark' (Same drums sampled for Ice Cube's 'It Was a Good Day'(TMYK))

Drunk is a particularly light-hearted venture for Thundercat following two cumbersome releases in Apocalypse and The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam. Both records alongside Flying Lotus' Your Dead strongly contemplated the idea of mortality, spurred on by the untimely passing of Jazz pianist and close collaborator Austin Peralta (Son of Stacey), who died in his sleep. You can tell on Drunk that Thundercat is moving on from a dark time, but it still has it's life questioning moments (Them Changes, Where I'm Going & Inferno) but maintains it's general theme as a tongue in cheek affair, the song Tokyo being an ode to Japanese pop culture with references to Dragon Ball Z amongst others.

Stand out album track is 'Friend Zone', Thundercat finding another musical styling in RnB to turn his hand too. Down tempo grooves being the perfect pallet for Thundercat to showcase his ability.

The album is feature heavy with guests Kenny Logins, the afore mentioned Michael Mcdonald, Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, and Pharrell Williams that provide a star studded supporting cast.

All in all, Drunk continues a musical theme and precedent set by Thundercat's initial two albums, and improves on them with a mature touch of song writing. Keep a look out for his next feature on a potentially imminent Flying Lotus release.


Photo of the Week

Some of the sneakers that we select at Soleheaven are women's specific models and colourways, such as the Nike Air Max Thea and certain Nike Air Presto's that we stock. Even though there are some discrepancies between the sizing of men's and women's sneakers, it's never really bothered me if it was created for a specific gender. Especially with the prevalence of androgynous fashion, it's becoming more common to see non-gender specific pieces. Up until now we have always modelled the sneakers we stock on  men.

This week's photo of the week features Laura rocking the New Balance W530SD. It is a women's specific model that has also been popular with the male market but it's great to be able to show it being presented on a lass. In addition to appealing to a wider audience, photographing girls opens up so many opportunities regarding styling and posing. I'm looking forward to exploring more of this in the future. Watch this space!

- Ant

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Staff Selections: March Part 4

Here are the last selections from our Staff, all pairs from the Staff Selections are currently in the sale so make sure you don't miss out.

Callum - Merchandise Director - Nike Air Footscape NM 852629-003

"I love my Footscape's, they're a go-to choice for avid Sneaker fans who understand the true style the Footscape's hold. This greyscale iteration are a great addition to any wardrobe and bring a street-ready finish to your outfits"

Ant - Photography Content Manager - Nike Air Huarache Run Ultra SE 875841-100 

"The Huarache silhouette definitely has a defined shape and a true heritage behind the design which is great for me as I like seeing how much the sneaker develops over the years, which has led to the Ultra that provides amazing all day comfort".

Tom - Content Writer - Nike Lunar Magista II Flyknit 852614-300

"I think the Lunar Magista is breaking boundaries of the sneaker world by merging Football and streetwear conventions together, it's a strong look and is definitely coming into style, get ahead of the curve and cop these!"

Ollie - Sales Specialist - Nike Classic Cortez 807472-011

"You can't beat the Cortez for heritage and shape, it has so many pop culture references throughout the decades which have seen it become a timeless sneak, so this monochrome iteration is a clean take for Spring" 

Jacob - Sales Assistant - New Balance 'Deconstructed' MRL996DZ

"It's the season for all these toned out colourways and these New Balance have nailed it, the iteration is so clean and minimal thanks to the deconstructed aesthetic and bring an amazing profile"

 Laura - Intern Content Writer - Nike Air Max Thea WMNS 599409-103

"The profile on the Thea is really complimentary matched with the comfort, the colourway is perfect for Spring and goes so nicely with a pair of light Blue jeans which is my go to look for the warmer days!"

Soleheaven Stylist: Vans Sk8-Hi Slim Perforated

Vans Sk8-Hi Slim Perforated in Blanc/Blanc available now at Soleheaven

The Sk8-Hi is one of Vans most iconic silhouettes. Originally known as “Style 38” this shoe has evolved from a practical skate shoe to an increasingly popular everyday wear shoe. Moving away from the classic canvas Vans are experimenting with further fashionable materials and designs.

The Sk8-Hi used for this outfit build features a perforated premium leather upper in a clean all white colourway. This makes it easily matched with any outfit colour coordination whilst adding a luxe edge to the outfit. 

With these Vans being a premium leather giving the shoe a smart exclusive look, we decided to style these with rolled up cigarette trousers. We kept the outfit minimalistic with mainly monochrome tones and highlights of baby pink as it is a popular colour for this season and compliments the black and white well. The top half of the outfit being more relaxed with just a block pink jumper and coach jacket complimented with a smarter bottom half creating the perfect smart casual hybrid for daily wearing.

The Sk8-Hi’s they work well with cropped bottoms so they are shown off to their best potential, which could also be in the style of a skirt if you're making the outfit more feminine. With the perforations giving the shoe a sporty vibe these would also pair up well with a pair of cropped leggings. 

These sneakers look good with and without socks. We chose to style them with pink high socks featuring white stripes which emphasise the colour of the shoes and also tie in well with the white stripe on the side of the trousers.  

The key to this look is keeping the colour palette quite minimalistic and letting the shoes express the detail. These Sk8-Hi Vans are also available in a Black colourway for an alternative monochrome colour or an Amberlight colourway if you prefer warm mellow tones. 

Tag @soleheaven or #Teamsoleheaven to show us how you style your Sk8-Hi’s as we would love to see how everyone else styles theirs, or maybe you could try and replicate this look with a few alterations, let us know if we inspired you and helped you get into the creative spirit.

Vans Sk8-Hi Slim Perforated in Blanc/Blanc (shown in post)

Vans Sk8-Hi Slim Perforated in Black

Vans Sk8-Hi Slim Perforated in Amberlight

 Vans Sk8-Hi Slim Perforated in Blanc/Blanc available now at Soleheaven

Vans Sk8-Hi Slim Perforated in Blanc/Blanc available now at Soleheaven

Vans Sk8-Hi Slim Perforated in Blanc/Blanc available now at Soleheaven